Q&A with Emma

Here are responses to questions people commonly ask me, so that we can spend our time together focused on you.


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with Emma Garrett

 Here are responses to questions people commonly ask me, so that we can spend our time together

focused on you.

How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to be an Executive Career Coach?

I experienced a defining moment in 2010, on a ranch in rural Colorado. Earlier that year, I had quit my New York job as an Education Director, and left to work in Belize. Although I knew a career shift was in order, I was clear that I wouldn’t figure it out while being so busy. So...I moved to a horse ranch.  I told myself I was, “leaving space for my soul to contact me.” Unsurprisingly, I was pretty much useless at ranch work, but one night, I noticed I was up late working on a friend’s resume. It was killing me that this friend wasn’t showing up on paper the way I knew she really was; a total badass and someone that her dream company would be lucky to have. I went right into a flow state trying to put her magnificence onto paper. Hours later, I realized that it was 2am. That level of flow felt like a sign, so I researched and enrolled into a career coach training program on the spot.


Months later, when I was packing up to move out of the ranch, I came across a book I had bought in an airport on the way back from Belize; right before moving to the ranch. It was titled 48 Days to the Work You Love, and I still had the receipt inside it. I had used the receipt as a bookmark in the first chapter, which was as far as I had made it through the book. I counted out from the day I purchased that book, and realized that my 2am resume-writing ah-ha moment and the night I signed up for the career coach certificate program was...48 days after I purchased the book.


I completed my training, launched a private practice, became a Certified Professional Resume Writer, and have coached thousands of people from 25+ countries on career and lifestyle design topics including job searching, life purpose, leadership and job search communication, interviewing, resume writing, branding, career discovery, relocation, and negotiation; in English, Spanish, and for the patient few, in Brazilian Portuguese.

Who are your clients exactly?

I work with smart, high-integrity leaders whose humility and work ethic can get in the way of positioning themselves for what's next. I focus on managers to C-level leaders who would like to align their work with their values and ambition, as well as with their goals for themselves and for their families. That’s the core, but my clients are really diverse. A few profiles of the kind of individuals I work with:


The Humble, Hard-Working Leader

If you know what you want and are ready for that next challenge or level, but can't seem to close, or to get the traction that you know you could, it's time to do things differently. You have confidence in what you do, and people love to work with and for you, but you hate to sell yourself. It's just not you. The downside is that people don't "get" your level of capability and you don't get the traction your experience deserves. You want more momentum, and it's not just about you, it's about your family. I admire that. 

The Person Whose Work is Happening TO Them

If your colleagues love you but you're burnt out...if you have some "success" but not at the level you want, and not doing what you really want...if you're dreading work, frustrated, or having health consequences due to stress...this could be you. You are talented and have plenty of drive but you don't know what you really want or how that translates into jobs or titles. On top of that, you realize that once you know what you want, then you'll need the confidence to actually get that work. Oh, and you also would like to not only enjoy going to work, you'd like to have more work-life balance. You want to use your strengths within an organization you enjoy, be well-compensated, and have more energy to enjoy the rest of your life. I want this for you, too. 


The Cause Prioritizer

You are a leader within a family or community who has sacrificed your career for the greater good; for your children, a partner, or a noble cause. You've served a mission for years, at the expense of your full potential. You don’t regret it, but you do sense that there is a better, fuller version of yourself that’s ready to come out. It's there. Let's bring them out. It will inspire those for whom you've sacrificed.


What kinds of industries or spaces are your clients in?
The people I’ve worked with are CEOs at Fortune 100s, entrepreneurs, moms coming back to work, the spouses of relocating employees, and mission-driven young professionals. They find themselves in all industries, including:
Tech, CPG, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Law, Education, Hospitality, Entertainment, Food and Beverage, Agriculture, Fashion, Banking and Finance, Logistics, Telecom, Transportation, Arts, Museums, Natural Sciences, Publishing, Nonprofit, Retail, and others.

What makes you qualified to coach executives?

In my work with thousands of professionals, I am fortunate to have had intimate views into the job searches, personalities, and career histories of diverse, high-level leaders, both at the individual 1:1 level as well as through years of facilitating mastermind groups of executives. I use that insight to make sure that you stand out. Generally, leaders are hungry for candid feedback. I will tell you about the ways you may be coming across that other people are afraid to tell you. I’ll also tell you about areas of genius that you under-recognize.

What if I'm not an executive?

No problem. Often, even executives don't even think of themselves as executives. If you're thinking, "Ok, but I'm definitely not an executive..." That's okay. One of my favorite things is to bring executive-level coaching, the kind I've done with C-level folks in the Fortune 100...to people who aren't anywhere close to those titles or who are relatively early in their careers. I bet you could see how that's fun for me. 

What if you haven’t yet worked with people in my field?

Having worked with everyone from military folks and CEOs to assembly line workers, and consultants...I’ve probably worked with someone you would consider to be “like you.” I quietly smile to myself when a client tells me, “I’m probably really different from your other clients,” because we all hope to express our gifts and to feel aligned with our values and dreams. Everyone is different in that we bring such fabulously distinct things to the table. I don’t coach people on how to do their jobs, I coach people on how to get clear and then position themselves, through messaging and action, for what’s ideally next.

How are you different from other executive coaches?

1. I've coached C-level leaders within the Fortune 100.
Because of this, my clients get a level of coaching and market insight that most people never have access to.

2. I am a certified resume writer who partners with the best writers in the industry, and shameless maximizer.
Because of this, you get a branding and messaging ally who creates branding content that opens doors, finds and highlights strengths you didn't even know you had, hands you the language to talk about it, and is available on-deck to polish anything you send or say.

3. I have a background in applied social psychology.
Because of this, you get research-based strategies that help you make more powerful impressions and to use your time effectively. I will coach you on living the research that shows brains in an elevated state are more effective across all categories. In other words, more results, faster, while having more fun.

What type of personality do you work best with and what is expected of me?

My coaching style fits with people who are smart, ambitious, and excellent at what they do. They understand that to uplevel, they need some polishing of their words, materials, vision, and strategy...they’re game to be real, to do things differently, and they’re uninterested in settling.

Being a maximizer, I’m known to work best with people who are actively interested in maximizing their career transition, their interview with the board, their daily schedule, or their offer negotiation. Whatever it is...they want to make it the best it can be. They don’t get annoyed with my resume writer brain that’s compelled to obsess over each word until it sounds and feels perfect. They’re hungry for that.

What type of person is this program NOT going to work for?

Please know that I'm lucky to be extremely selective in whom I work with and I cherry-pick my clients, choosing to lovingly turn away people who aren’t suited for this program. I absolutely love my clients, and I can only do my best work for people I love, so it wouldn’t be fair to you if I worked with you while knowing in my gut that we’re not a great fit.

This program is not for people who set a low bar for themselves and their lives. As I said, I adore my clients, and it’s effortless for me to see their strengths and potential...so, I want my clients to have everything they want! For that reason, I’m not a good fit for someone who refuses to take action or to leave their comfort zone.

Another type of person I won’t work with (without exception) is the whiner or the chronic skeptic or excuse-maker. I gently and respectfully ask that you not call and I hope you understand why. My maximizing and positivity will just not be a good fit and I wouldn’t want you to waste your time or money. Is that fair?

What exactly is your process and what does it include?

Landing your ideal role begins with understanding what you want, how you’re perfect for it, the action you need to take, and the messaging you need to confidently position yourself for it. The end goal? Getting the organization, team, or hiring manager to “fall in love with you.” After that, the negotiation is way easier, and the results of it are fun!

Here’s what this strategy gets you to do:

1. Clarify:

Exactly what you want
Why you’re perfect for it
What makes you different from others who look like you on paper
Your Brand: Resume, LinkedIn, cover letters, email, media

Your Leadership Style: Verbal and non-verbal communication

2. Implement:

A focused search with accountability

An effective schedule that includes fun

Powerful applications that get into the right hands

Networking and follow-up strategy including recruiter relationships

3. Close:

Interview with confidence via phone, in-person, or video

Message yourself authentically and so that they have to have you

Address the concerns a hiring team may have about your candidacy

Negotiate a comp package that inspires you to do your best work

Design your 100-Day Plan

Develop your personal career evaluation strategy

4. Grow:

You can't un-learn anything you learn through the new actions and mindset you'll get. You'll also energize those around you, through your example. Also, because I only work with clients I adore, I'll want to stay in your world. So...I'll invite you to stay in mine. Whether through a happy hour check-in, or an invite to an annual career design review, I want to stay connected. And you can always continue to get support with Coach-on-Call time. 

After completing your program, congrats! You have a newfound confidence in your ability to design and do your ideal work and how to make more money while you’re at it.  I think you'll find that people will seek you out for job search support because you empower them with what you now know.

Does this really work?

Yes. The result of our work is an approach to strategizing your search and marketing yourself that, over time, and with your dedication, sends you on your way to your ideal work. I invite you to read my Client Testimonials and to keep in mind that that the time we spend negotiating your compensation package means millions more in lifetime earnings for some clients.

100% of the clients who have gone through my program have either a) landed a new, better job, b) earned a raise in their current role, or c) started a company.


What results can I expect?

You can expect to:

  • Identify what your ideal role looks and feels like

  • How to articulate that you’re perfect for it

  • Be in awe of how rough your resume was before compared to now

  • Show up as aligned for the exact work you want: online and in-person

  • Strategize your job search and spend your time effectively

  • Stand apart from other candidates

  • Have more fun in this transition than you anticipated

  • Tailor your resumes so they get past ATS Systems

  • Make friends, or at least peace, with networking

  • Interview in a way that’s strong; authentic, not sales-y.

  • Have go-to strategies for rebooting your inspiration

  • Get tips for video interviews, case studies, logic tests, and other trends

  • Answer tough interview questions with authenticity

  • Understand what actually makes job seekers effective

  • Move opportunities forward while being authentic

  • Negotiate like boss - and still maintain the relationship

  • Generate a 100-Day plan

  • Know how to empower yourself through regular career evaluations

  • Prioritize your best interests while over-delivering in your role

What results, specifically, have people experienced?

Here are some case studies of examples:

  • A went from feeling under-valued at one company to a higher title, and better role at a company where the CEO is a major ally.

  • B earned 40% more in a new role, with a bigger global reach.

  • C earned 45% more while transitioning to a new career path.

  • D fired their boss and started their own company they can do from anywhere.

  • E landed a higher-impact and wider-reaching job for one of the hottest companies in town after a relocation.

  • F got clear on what she really wanted and redesigned her role to do more of what she wants and less of what she doesn’t...while building a consulting practice on the side.

  • G went from an individual contributor to leading a team of 5.

How quickly can I expect results?

Obviously, this depends on factors like your field, your level, your geographic location...and of course, the work you do in terms of mindset and action. That said, virtually all clients see results within the first week of working together because they start acting and communicating differently, which yields different results.

How can I guarantee myself that I will achieve the goal I want, quickly?  

Do all of your assignments and protect your mindset. Show up for all your coaching calls focused, grounded, and with your top agenda item. It’s not magic, but it can feel like it once you start doing things more effectively. I only work with smart, ambitious people; people who apply what they learn. They do the work and enjoy the results.

Will I recover the investment I put into this coaching program?

Yes! It’s hard to watch people hem and haw about investing in coaching, while missing out on months of increased income or happiness. Don’t even get me started on the value of coaching that gives people the courage to say “no” to the easy next thing, in order to focus on what they really want. The results? Peace of mind, being excited to go to work, inspiring those around you, knowing you're doing more of what you're meant to do, and more in overall lifetime earnings.

How can I be sure? Is there a guarantee?

If you do the work, show up to all sessions, do the modules, and you decide at the end that you didn't get value out of the program...you'll be the first one and I'll give you a full refund. I want to reduce your feeling of risk in working together. I only work with people I adore and know that I can help. If I don't think I'm the best fit for you, or the timing is off...I won't offer to work with you. I'm a maximizer, remember? I want to help those I can be most effective at helping. I think it's much better for everyone. 

How will we work together and what does the program entail?

If we decide that working together is in the best interest of both of us, you will receive total support from me. All the resources for your program, be it email coaching, deep dives, implementation sessions, branding materials, articles, and bonus resources, are all outlined in the program summary sheet I'll share with you if it seems that we're a fit.

How long is the program?

The program is run over the course of 12 weeks. Why? Based on my experience of working with thousands of job seekers over the years, it takes at least 3 months for all the strategizing, messaging, getting out there, and assignments to come together. In past years, I found that clients who worked with me for shorter times were getting ah-has and planning their approach better right away, BUT they were never getting to experience the synergy of a totally aligned job search, mindset, and personal brand. When these things combine, people feel differently, act differently, and find more and better opportunities.


On average, 47% of Americans land their next role within 6 months of active searching. That number isn’t even adjusted for higher-paid, executive roles. This means that the average job search lasts more than 6 months. But, you’re also ambitious. So, wanting the best for you, we now only offer this program in 12-week increments because that’s the time it takes a smart, focused person to learn the skills they will need to not just get a job, but “the job.” 

Your 12 active weeks are on your schedule. Active weeks are those in which you have a coaching session and email coaching. During your non-active weeks, you're welcome to still come to bonus, group events. My programs include 3 extra 20-minute floating calls, which you can think of like "bat signal" calls. You can use these calls during or after your program ends for things like an offer negotiation or a situation that's come up at your new job.

What if I land my next role in less than 3 months?

Go you! I love when that happens. You can either, “bank” those active weeks of program time for the future, use them to help you get off to a powerful start (while still enjoying your life) in your new role, or gift them to someone. You maintain lifetime access to the content.

What if I'm busy at work and home and I want to stretch my program out over more than 3 months? 

I love that my clients are people with a high degree of personal responsibility. They know they are in charge of their experience in life and they know the pace that's right for them, as I outlined under the "How long is the program?" section. Sometimes, people will stretch their program out and meet every other week, take several weeks of vacation, take a month off due to work commitments, or meet on an irregular schedule. I support you. If I think your pace is about avoidance, a block, or self-sabotage, I'll dig...lovingly. Otherwise, I'll trust you as my client to be clear about when you want to meet...and to know that I, or a member of my team, is always here for you.

Do people ever re-up?

Yes. People find that they get so much value out of coaching, that once they land their new role, they often want to continue to have access to coaching for things like prepping their first presentation to the board, strategizing for a meeting with the CEO, expanding their thought leadership, or planning their next move. This is why I created the Coach-on-Call Program for people with whom I have worked previously. As a new client, you have options to choose from, depending on what you need and how quickly you want to see results.

Coach-on-Call Program-For Past Clients

Once you’ve landed your next role, you’re welcome to take advantage of the Coach-on-Call Program. I only offer this program to past clients because the relationship we have built, and the insight I have into their career history is what allows our laser coaching time to be effective.

Do you offer any discounts and do you accept credit cards?

Yes, clients who are able to pay for their coaching investment in full enjoy a 5% upfront “cash discount” as it saves us time and effort on bookkeeping. We only accept credit cards.

OK, I know which program I want. How do we get started?

Excellent! Greater confidence and focus is on its way! After our intro call, we'll hit the ground running; getting you on your path to your ideal work, more effectively and authentically.


If I’m not sure I’m ready to get started, how can I sample your work at low cost to see if it’s the right solution for me?

You can sample my work by letting me know that you’d like to take my course, Job Search Fundamentals, by connecting on LinkedIn, and by letting me know you’d like to subscribe to receive free advice on how to identify and position yourself more effectively for what you want...so that you’ll get a feel for my style and kinds of results clients can expect from working with me.


I have a busy life and family. Although I want to design and do my ideal work, I’m really strapped for time. How much time do I need?

Great news: the number of hours people spend job searching isn’t correlated with how quickly they land their next role. Working with me is designed to save you time, not add to it. 

In my experience, the most effective job seekers are those who have the best accountability measures in place and who are disciplined about what they do and how long they give themselves to do it.  They prioritize their mental state, too, in everything they do. That still leaves plenty of time to organize your home, take that trip, and reconnect with the people and things most important to you. In terms of your time, effort, or the stress of going outside of your comfort zone to get what you want, the question is, how much do you really want it, and what’s the cost of inaction?

OK, I’m ready to do this for myself, but I have a couple of additional questions. 

Sounds like you’re getting focused! Yes, you can bring your questions to our meeting or email me at emma@emma-garrett.com, and I’ll be happy to answer them.

I can't wait to get acquainted!