" are lucky to have an interesting life as a real option."

In Nora Ephron’s commencement speech to Wellesley College, she said:

“Did I say it was going to be hard? Yes. But it’s also incredibly interesting, and you are very lucky to have an interesting life as a real option.”

Sometimes things are interesting because they’re stressful, like the fires close to home in Boulder this weekend. My focus here is on stimulating-interesting, not outright fear-interesting.

Having an interesting professional life is a relatively new concept for most. It is a privilege.

If you sense that you have that privilege (the privilege of choosing to create an interesting professional life), I encourage you to leverage that privilege. I think it creates more good.

It’s absolutely okay to have an uninteresting professional life. My guess, though, is that if you are reading this, you want your professional life to be interesting.

If you are going to have an interesting professional life, you need to prioritize that over comfort and predictability in your values hierarchy.

I can help you move through the discomfort.

When a client tells me that now they’re getting paid to do things they used to do on their own time for fun...that’s one of my favorite things.

I want that for you, too.

If you want to discuss what would be really interesting for you, I hope you reach out for a free strategy conversation.

I appreciate you reading, and I’m in your corner.


Emma Garrett is an Executive Career Coach, helping high-integrity leaders position themselves for what’s next in work and life. Ready to start doing things differently? Consider scheduling a free call to share your situation and goals or checking out the resources at