Women: when we don't negotiate, we block other women

Usually, this blocking happens without having any idea we're doing it. But it's still happening.

I'm not saying you created systemic inequity. Of course not. I'm just saying that we as women have various ways we participate in perpetuating it.

You don't *have* to negotiate. There have been times where I haven't. Sometimes, in the past, because I was too scared. Now, if I don't negotiate something, it's because that's what feels right for me.

I'm not passionate about negotiation because I was born a natural at it. I was born on the obedient, people-pleasing side of the spectrum.

It's just that when women learn how to negotiate, that has ripples for their team, the org....their friends and nieces and daughters.

It is *so* fun for me to help women negotiate. High-integrity men, too.

Once you do it, survive it, and it can't un-know that.

Talk about a life skill.

And again, those ripples...


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