Whose Input Are You Available To?

I had severe acne as a kid. Occasionally, people would approach me and just start sharing their advice about my skin.

One day at the beach, a stranger approached me, and, while wincing at the severity of my acne, told me what I should do about it.

I listened politely to the woman's entire speech and then went crying to my godmother.

My godmother told me that the next time I was in that situation, I could tell the person, “Thanks for the advice. I got as much out of it as I paid for it.”

I became fiercely loyal to my godmother in that moment. She wasn’t teaching me to discount free advice. She’s a dermatologist who gave me invaluable medical advice for free.

She was teaching me that I wasn’t obligated to listen to someone's full opinion just because they wanted to give it.

Spending time getting bad advice you never wanted is exhausting for most of us. 

Getting aligned advice is energizing. Aligned→ it lands. It feels right. You just know it makes sense for you.

We can regulate the extent to which we listen to advice we know isn’t right for us, and we can also dilute those voices with more aligned voices.

I notice that good things happen for my clients when they spend less time engaging with the un-requested, misaligned advice that comes in and more time getting advice from uplifting sources, whether those sources are prayer, sports coaches, or YouTube videos of Oprah.

The result is more confidence, clarity, and better ideas.

Like my client who gifted himself with a team that provided solid, energizing advice. He started taking more inspired action and presenting himself more confidently. He had his ideal role created for him.

Thanks for reading. If you’re ready to create more alignment with your work...I hope you’ll set up a free strategy call with me.

In your corner,


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