When you don't get an explanation for losing a job

You’re not *entitled* to an explanation for being laid off, nor for why you weren’t hired/promoted. It’s common for companies to lie about these reasons. In the *exact same way* that someone may have lied to you about why they didn’t want to continue dating you. A company is allowed to just say, “Ok, I’m done with you now” in the same way a date is. In either case, if you’re lied to, it’s just: >>an attempt to protect you (infantilizing) >>or to protect themselves from what they anticipate your reaction might be (like you thinking badly of them, or in a workplace setting, legal action). Either way, it’s just humans being human. 🤷🏼‍♀️ When we dig into it, most people I work with can tell when they’re getting accurate criticism/truth vs when they’re being lied to. If you sense you’re being lied to, my recommendation is to let yourself fully feel the betrayal, the grief… …👹 and then let yourself get really angry. …🙄 and then let yourself get bored of yourself …then you can move into contentment/creativity etc. 🧠 Because more effectiveness comes from more elevated states. P.S. the explanation entitlement thing goes both ways. (They’re not entitled to know why you’re using a sick day or why you’re quitting.) And yes, I get that there can be a power differential. That’s why the more personal power you build up about your career, the freer your behavior. I want that for high-integrity people. [This is one of my not-so-secret secret agendas.] ✨


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