What's Your Lifestyle Design?

For me, lifestyle design is doing more presentations when I’m ovulating.

It’s working with a group of execs and then transitioning right into a midday salt bath.

It’s taking the afternoon off for a 1-year-old’s birthday picnic and making homemade (matcha!) play dough in the morning in preparation.

It’s being paid to say what’s true.

It’s working from wherever I want or need to, whether a Brazilian beach house or an ICU.

It’s *adoring* my clients and my team.

It’s cultivating work that makes me better for all the other parts of life that matter to me.

When I started my business, I never dreamed it would be as financially successful as it is.

That was out of my range for what I could imagine receiving.

Some of my early coaching calls were in the basement storage unit of my apartment building.

I would sit on a (unused, but *still*) toilet.

I didn’t do these calls in my bedroom, because I shared a bedroom with a friend.

(We took turns with who slept on the twin bed and who slept on the floor.)

I didn’t know how to start or operate a business.

I knew that I wanted to do career coaching, and I was sure that no one would hire me for it.

So I hired myself.

Eventually, I learned how to do business through paying many people tens of thousands of dollars, and taking their advice.

I’m teaching my own experience, those lessons learned more and more these days.

The life I have been fortunate to build takes my breath away.

I used to work on things like literacy with first generation kids learning English. And it was profoundly meaningful to me.

It felt wrong to cultivate a business. (So selfish, right?)


It is absolutely clear to me that I have a larger, more positive impact on the world through the magnificent people that I work with in my business.

And, I am more resourced to more effectively support the people and causes I care about.

I see this happen with my clients, too. The ripples they create in their families, in their communities, and their organizations.

It’s wow.

If you would like to explore working with me, you can set up a free strategy call here.

I’m in your corner,


Emma Garrett is an Executive Career Coach, helping high-integrity leaders position themselves for what’s next in work and life. Ready to start doing things differently? Consider scheduling a free call to share your situation and goals or checking out the resources at