What Do You Do For Fun? >> Everything

I recently noticed that when people ask me what I do for fun, I got annoyed.

Like the other person is expecting a certain kind of answer.

I know that feeling annoyed is a signal not about them, but about *me*; about needing a boundary, and I realized that coming up with these answers felt like I was participating in something fake or was trying to prove something. I thought on it and realized that *everything I do is for fun.*

Making coffee.


Walking my friends’ daughter to school.

Doing dishes.


Having meetings.

Going through my inbox.


I do it all for the fun of it.

There is so little I do anymore that’s not fun.

Now, I don’t think everything is fun all the time. So, I try to do things when I’m available for them to be fun.

Having a house-cleaning dance party is really fun.

Even doing taxes is really fun for me in a brain-candy-I’m-a-boss-bitch kind of way, when I’m in the mood for it.

The last thing I did that I was deeply not having fun with, but forced myself to do

...was work tossed out by the person who requested it.

That was on *me* for not trusting myself.

For knowing it wasn’t aligned, and doing it anyway.

I know way better than that.

Our society has set up a default that fun is something that happens outside of everything else we have to do.

And yes, people have obligations.

I have an enormous amount of freedom.

Luck and privilege are a *huge* part of it.

Really fucking intentional discipline is another part.

I have been ruthless about constructing my life around fun and for creating fun in the mundane.

(“Ruthless” is one of my bestie’s words of the year. I just love its ferocity.)

I used to work with kids, and I noticed how dramatically better absolutely everything went when I was having fun.

So, I intentionally cultivate fun beforehand, when I’m wanting to be effective.

Last year, I set an affirmation alarm on my phone. Every day, at 3:59pm, I saw the message, “✨I have fun everywhere I go💃”

I can’t tell you how much fun I have doing mundane things out in the world. It is absolutely zero surprise to me, because I have *trained* myself for it.

I have the word fun in my client contracts. Because fun is a value that I have orchestrated my business (and life) around.

Yesterday here in Boulder, 10 people were shot and killed in a grocery store.

Yet another heartbreaking example of how much we don’t have control over.

Your life and time are so absolutely precious.

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