Upsides and downsides of career contentment

An upside/downside of career contentent... is having bandwith to address the rest of your life.

It can be very confronting when energy you’ve spent on career frustration is suddenly available for other purposes. ⬇️

Other things you’ve been ignoring.

Things that the drama in your professional life has distracted you from become “louder.”

That’s one of the reasons why people don’t solve their career problems.

If they did, then they’d have to face other things, like their grief, their creativity, their relationships, their health, their desire for a very different life…

No shade, I’ve done it.

It’s usually not conscious.

This is why focusing on the unconscious (like releasing the payoffs you get for the things you “don’t like” in your life) is such a big part of the work my courageous AF clients do.

This is why they end up being so much more awake to and happy in not just their work, but their lives.

So when someone reached out last week to tell me she was 1000x happier,

I was delighted.

I was inspired by her.

I was in deep admiration of the work she’s done.

But I was not surprised. 💓


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