The (unexpected) benefits of jealousy

I love noticing smidges of judgement/jealousy in my clients and then fanning the flames. Jealousy is SUCH a beautiful, clear indicator of what might be available to you that you don’t think you can have.

And yeah, maybe you absolutely can’t have it.

But, maybe you can.

I increasingly see more of the latter in my clients. And think about alllll the things you’re not jealous of.

I not jealous of sculptors, or people on company boards, or people who can fix cars, or people who heliski, for instance. I’m happy for people who enjoy that, but I don’t have those desires.

Jealousy is a disowned desire. And it is sooo frowned upon, societally.

So I love to cultivate it in my clients. And then work toward whatever the thing is.

Often, I see judgement before the jealousy comes out. (It’s way more acceptable to feel judgmental than to feel jealous.)

Years ago, I encountered a woman younger than me who had a six-figure business and she talked like a baby. (That was my judgement, at least.)

One of my biggest hang-ups, or things I would get defensive about was my age. “Too young/inexperienced for XYZ.”

So the fact that I instantly judged this baby-talking little-girl-alleged-entrepreneur 😂 was a clue. I was jealous.

SHE has a successful business doing exactly the work she wants!?!?!?!?


Well, f*ck, then.

I have to at least try.

I highly recommend looking into jealousy and judgement. It takes energy to pretend we don’t want things we want. I want you to do what you really want.

As I commonly say, “You don’t want to sell tobacco to children.”

What I see again and again and again that never. gets. old.

Is that when my clients, when people do their thing….serve/express in the way they’re meant to... there are so many ripples of benefits. And judgement/jealousy can be so helpful in uncovering your next steps. ❤️


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