The two simple tricks to "selling yourself"

Carnivorous Plant Man and “selling yourself.” I love people who hate selling themselves. ⬇️

So I put that language all over my copy, so that those people will recognize themselves.

The energy of “selling yourself” implies a manipulation: “Hey! Look at me! Buy this thing you don’t want or need!” 🤮

My people *HATE* that concept. I honor them for hating it.✨ They care about integrity and authenticity (truth).

But my clients get *so* much better at what people think of as selling themselves, even for things they’ve never done before. *And they do it with integrity.*

You can naturally sell yourself without any of this yucky energy through telling the truth and turning the volume up on who you really are.

This morning, a man I’ll call Carnivorous Plant Man (CPM) was a beautiful example of 2 things many people neglect in sales.

🌱# 1 He loved his product.

This is so simple that it is easy to brush off, but if you don’t think the customer (hiring manager/client) should buy you…they won’t. I cannot make a big enough fuss about this.

CPM is super nerdy about his area of specialization. That nerdiness is magnetic.

When you’re in flow/alignment/nerding out…that is a flavor of love.

People want to be around love.

Showing your flavor of nerd requires a courageous willingness to be seen in your rapture of something that the majority of other people probably aren’t into. Regardless, your love for the thing is a gift and people can sort themselves into or out of your figurative sales funnel.

🌿#2 He had the volume turned WAY up on who he is.

People really, really resist this (myself included) and it is usually the unlock in my work. It’s very understandable that people resist this because this is the thing that allows people to more quickly either be magnetized or repelled.

CPM had long blonde hair in cornrows with an orange bandana and a cut off tank, with speech as emphatic as his outfit.

A thought exercise could be to ask yourself what doubling the volume on who you are might look like for you.



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