The Things You Can't See About Yourself Are Holding You Back

If you have a gut feeling that you're missing something in your professional life and you wonder what it might be...I respect that about you. I infer that you are self-aware, driven, and you care about your present and future. 

If something is "off" about your resume or your interviewing skills...that means you're missing opportunities for roles you could be a great fit for. 

If something is missing in the way you manage your current role...that can mean missed income and growth. 

The things that are "off" usually don't say anything bad about you at all. You shouldn't be expected to be a resume writer unless you're a resume writer. If you're not a sales exec, I don't expect you to be a master networker.

The downside is that if your job search skills or content, or your career management strategies are "off" somehow, it's a distraction that prevents others from seeing what you're about and what you can do.

Distractions mean missed opportunities and wasted time.

It's not your fault. We simply cannot see the things about ourselves that we cannot see. You may see the effects of those things, but it's harder and sometimes impossible to see what you're missing. That's why we need mirrors. That's what the video below is about and it's why I get coaching. 

When we have someone else to see the things we're missing, then we can be more effective. Some common things people miss in their professional lives?

  • Not knowing what they want.

  • Not managing up.

  • Avoiding resume and LinkedIn development.

  • Undervaluing and thus under-articulating accomplishments.

When the missing pieces are no longer missing, you're more confident, and people can more easily see the bigger picture of who you are. That feels good, and it's also handy if you want things like a new job or a promotion.

Thinking you might be missing something in your professional life or your job search? I hope you'll set up a free intro call with me here. I'll know right away whether or not I can help.  

In your corner,


P.S. Here's the video about what happens when we're unaware that we're missing something: