"Sunday Scaries"

It’s not the pre-ask-for-a-raise scaries or the big-presentation-scaries. “Sunday Scaries” implies that it’s chronic. ⬇️

If your normally content child had dread every time before they went to a certain person’s house…wouldn’t you look into that?

What if they also started getting nausea or not sleeping, too?

Yet it is so common for people to ignore their own bodily dread.

Imagine if your friend told you she had, “The Husband Scaries.”

Or your nephew told you he had, “The Father Michael Scaries” before church.

I’m not saying that if you have “The Sunday Scaries” that your employer is abusive. Or that the husband/priest in these examples are.

I AM saying it’s self-abusive to ignore bodily dread.

No shade, I’ve done it, enthusiastically. And I paid a price for it.

These days, I no longer apply my discipline to being okay*despite* XYZ (insert your job or whatever else) and unsurprisingly, I have a lot more bandwidth and joy.

You may feel trapped, but if you’re reading this, you probably haven’t been trafficked and you may have more options than you currently perceive.

ALSO, if you’re in it, it’s brutal. And I’m so sorry.

I grieve for your inner child whose safety isn’t your top priority and for the part of you so wonders how this happened to *you.*

AND, I’ve never had a client whose job required self-abandonment, who couldn’t find another way to exist once they committed to raising the bar on their own personal standards.



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