Networking is for best friends and overs (not just jobs or business)

Updated: Nov 11

I have personally experienced, and seen others experience beautifully serendipitous gifts and encounters from networking.

But if you have a mental block about networking, it’s probably not going to yield a new bestie/business partner/client/lover....much less a great job lead.

I’m not saying to go to networking events expecting best friends, a flood of job offers, or lovers.

I AM saying, go with openness. I go to networking events expecting to love people. Just in general. Sometimes that general love gets specific.

(love = admiration, respect, appreciation, enjoyment, etc.)

I have joked for years that one of my objectives is to rebrand networking.

(It’s just developing social relationships, and like almost anything, you can do it in an aligned or in a yucky way.)

I met my inspiring friend Claudia at an event at @galvanizebldr.

At the end of the session, I went up to her and said,

“Quiero conocerte.”

(I want to know you.)

This is an example of a 1-breath communication (Gay Hendricks, PhD). Speaking something true, that you’ve recently noticed, creates aliveness.

She fed the meter at her parking spot and we had coffee right then.

Fast forward, we just spent 10 days playing and working in Puerto Rico. She speaks not just Spanish and English, but Brazilian Portuguese.

It’s been a dream of mine to have a multilingual household...I got to experience that while she was here. ✨

Snorkeling, rooftop cocktails, 5-rainbow road trip trips, a multilingual bestie...all from attending a tech networking event.

Networking = 🤮 or 🥰?

You get to choose.


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