Masculine/feminine energy approach to "So, tell me about yourself"

Firstly, this isn’t about your genitalia. I’ve just noticed this in working 1:1 with hundreds of people on elevator pitches/intros/presentations/etc. ⬇️

This content operates under the premises that

1. You have both masculine and feminine energies, and most people tend to lean one way or another at their core.

2. When you are operating in congruence with your true nature, you are more authentic, and thus compelling.

I have found that people with a masculine core are much more magnetic when they emphasize purpose/mission in describing their work.

And that for feminine core energy folks, elevator pitches and the like get way easier for them and are much more enjoyable to listen to when they come from a basis of love.

I’m not saying a feminine core energy person doesn’t care about purpose or mission, or the reverse.

(I, for instance, have a definite feminine core energy AND I am ✨deeply✨ purpose-based in my work and my life.

It’s just easier and more natural for me to talk about my work from a place of how much I love my clients and what I get to do with them.)

And I’m thinking of how many masculine-core execs can go from boring to listen to until they share the underlying purpose of what they’re doing. It’s like a superhero justice kind of vibe.

And if you’re quite balanced in your core energies, perfect. All the more energetic fluency.

So an energy-first application here, if you want to play with it, is to lean into one or the other (love or purpose) as your starting foundation the next time you’re talking about your work/trying to influence/connect.

🥂 to your love and purpose.


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