I believe you've been doing *your thing* for your whole life

If you’re doing aligned work…at the foundation, I believe it’s something you’ve always done…it’s being more of someone you have always been.

This morning, I woke up at a beloved friend’s house…we met when we were six. Her mom calls us “old slippers friends.”

Her home today is what I would’ve imagined when we were children. Art and plants and quotes everywhere. Frogs. It reminded me of how we change while keeping our essential selves in career, too.

✨ If you’re making a pivot, or trying to lean into something new that you’re not super confident with, I encourage you to look for evidence that you’ve actually been doing it for a very long time. Maybe forever. That this allegedly new thing is actually more like someone you’ve always been.

That way, when you’re talking about it, you’re not defending your legitimacy or explaining your qualifications, you’re sharing who you ARE. (No explanation/defense required.)



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