How to Sell Yourself

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

My favorite clients are often those who hate the idea of selling themselves.

If that's you, my guess is that you are very values-based.

I love that.

And I don’t actually believe in selling yourself.

I think you sell yourself best when you’re selling something that’s bigger than yourself. Something that doesn't really need to be sold, either to you or the other party.

This is my favorite commercial ever. Don't get mad about it from a public health perspective, okay?

Though it's a car ad, it's actually selling the feeling of total certainty, and the willingness to do things you'll be judged for, because of a “hell-yes” level of conviction.

The times I’ve most effectively sold myself to employers, I was actually selling things like educational equity, global growth, or emergency management.

When my clients learn how to sell concepts, ideas, values, potential, or relief....things happen like building businesses or getting jobs designed for them.

I see 2 essential steps:

1. Identify what you value that's also important to the organization/team/customer. Something beyond the job description or market expectation.

2. Use the facts of your experience or personality to underscore your mutual alignment with that core, broader concept.

From an energy-first perspective, it’s about stating who you are and connecting on the values you both care about.

When my clients land jobs or grow their businesses, I see them, consciously or not, employing this strategy.

If you want help with this, I'm here for you. You can set up a free strategy call with me here.

Thanks for reading.

I'm in your corner,