How to find your salary expectations

Salary inequity is reinforced by companies asking, "What are your salary expectations?" If you’re NOT a white man: I recommend asking *white men you trust, “What range do you think I should be targeting for XYZ job/work?” ⬇️

*=ideally, a white man who is at another company at a higher level than you/who would hire or own budget for someone who does what you want to be doing. So, if you’re a marketing manager, asking a marketing directors at other companies. Peers at other companies can work great, too, but a people-manager will have more insight usually to a broader range of comp. (Note that you’re not asking for someone’s salary, you’re asking them what range they think you should be targeting.)

High-integrity, diversity-honoring white men: Thank you. When you share this info, the person may play it cool, but may also be shocked. You’re raising consciousness and making positive ripples. Thank you.



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