Growth requires new boundaries

It is *so* charming of us to want to grow/scale personally or professionally without incurring loss. ⬇️

You don’t get to be the CEO of a large global company AND be the one who closes every new customer and interviews every new hire.

Those are different roles and identities which is why at a certain point, the founder usually doesn’t stay on as CEO.

For the founder to stay on as an effective GM or CEO, their identity as protective parent, wearer of all hats to their precious little baby company…has to die.

Delegation, giving up certain enjoyments, including unhealthy or egoic ones,boundary-setting, others’ reactions to it, identity death….are painful. ⚔️

But it’s very loveable, isn’t it?

That we want the growth without the loss. Without the grief.

It’s not grinding out work that’s the hard part. The ego loves that.

It’s the willingness to let go without knowing what’s on the other side, that’s terrifying and hard…and creates more joyful lives.

A “Life Remodel,” as my girl “ @lizwilmers calls it, can involve creating what looks like a disaster and living with a metaphorical toilet in your living room that people can see in your zoom meetings.

People who work with me are people who are willing to go through the loss, the uncertainty, the mess.

And then when they’re on the other side of a “life remodel,” experiencing a new way of being and standards they’ll never again lower…

When they host a metaphorical brunch with their gorgeous new kitchen and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the bay…

I imagine their former selves weeping in gratitude and admiration for their courage.

And I imagine their higher selves being like,

“F🌺uck yeah. Told you. Okay, now pour me a mimosa.” 💪🏼

I’m on the team of your higher self. Not your today self. If you feel like we should know each other, set up a free conversation in my bio.


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