Formal education- when and why?

I’m not against education, but I can appear that way. I usually don’t get on board with my clients’ educational ideation. There are only two circumstances in which I am a fan of going to get more formal education. This is because, when people ask me about education, over 95% of the time, it feels to me that it’s coming from a place of scarcity or fear. (Proving energy or to try to shore up self worth.) I am only a fan of you getting more education in 2 instances: 1. You’re inspired by the material itself. You’re so compelled that it feels like you can’t NOT do it. (This is aligned.) 2. It’s *required* for you to do something you want. (This is also aligned.) This morning for me has been about studying for my looongtime dream of earning my ASA104, so that I can charter sailboats around the world. Learning about engine repair and chart navigation is *not* my preference. But it is required. The part of me that’s a brat is throwing a fit. I also have to let go of an identity I’ve had for years that I suck at navigation and that’s why I stopped working as a divemaster. I have a line about it, “I can barely find my car in a Target parking lot.” Hahaha. No. Not anymore. Bye. That identity has to go to be a really competent sailor. If you’re wondering about whether to get that certificate or degree, I recommend asking yourself what the energy is that it’s coming from. I can help you suss out your next career steps, if you’re compelled to speak.💗


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