Communicate like royalty

Indicators *in others* that your leadership communication is trusted in stressful/high-sensation moments. ⬇️

They may drop their shoulders, take a big breath, have slower/deeper breathing, share thoughts that aren’t completely formed, offer riskier ideas, ask questions with soft eye contact (versus piercing gaze) and an open chest.

To have more trust-inspiring body language (the vast majority of communication is nonverbal), I recommend:

a still, straight head and body

slightly slow speech (a king/queen isn’t racing through their sentences)

vocal tone that doesn’t rise at the end of a sentence (this makes it sound like a question).

All that is a lot to think about…I find it’s more effective to connect with your inner royalty and then only say things that are true. Because a grounded king in integrity with himself (only speaking things that are true) is more trusted and is a better leader than someone racing around screeching or stretching.

This is not:


This is a how-does-the-version-of-myself-who-is-a-king-show-up exercise. And it helps people have more purpose, effectiveness, free time, support, and money.

In your corner. 👊🏼💓


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