Are you ready for a lifestyle redesign?

This week’s lifestyle design experiment feels vulnerable. >> Being completely on top of my work. ⤵

*ahead* of the ball. Some context:

I’ve noticed that when people make pinky promises with themselves…that things can shift really rapidly.

This is why when people get on a free exploratory call with me, they occasionally say something like, “You’ll never believe it but in the time between when I scheduled this call and now…it looks like I’m about to have an offer coming through!”

That is *very* believable for me.

Once you promise yourself you’re *really* done with:

🛑 Not knowing what you want to do.

🛑 Having an unsupportive boss.

🛑 Being exhausted by your job.

Things can shift much more easily.

Once I realized what this week’s lifestyle design experiment needed to be, I knew it was important. That I had to commit to it. Even though I didn’t know what the barrier actually was.

Within the hour, it was clear. If I’m 100% on top of my stuff…I will have no excuses.


do the things I’m meant to do

say the things I feel like saying

have the things I want to have

But especially to say the things.

Being just sliiiiightly last minute with my life keeps me from being more responsible for/having more care for that which wants to come through me.

Stuff that’s scary.

It’s comparatively more comfortable to be just a little bit too busy to face that stuff. But I’m clearly not actually too busy. I spent the morning cutting and arranging flowers.

The freneticism of making things more difficult keeps me from doing/allowing the scary things. Things that will break identities I’ve held for myself.

This is the kind of work I do with my clients, too.

And for them, it results in things like new businesses, more money, more impactful leadership, job offers, more peace, and better health.

(All of these are just indicators of increased life force.)

P.S. The most recent lifestyle design experiment, “I Have No Problems: A thought experiment” was the best yet.

✨ Emma

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