An Act of Bravery for 2019

Want to be more intentional about your work...your life this year? I do. With that in mind, I created the series of questions here as an exercise for myself. When I found that they generated some surprising perspective-shifts for me, I wanted to share them with you. I believe in a vision-first approach. To that end, I invite you to write a response to the prompt below in first person, as though it's already happened. The goals are exploration, curiosity, and fun. If you feel a little audacious about what you write, you're on track. This is a vision script exercise, not a quarterly planning meeting, so please release the grip and just relax with it. Here's your prompt:

“It’s December 31, 2019, and I’m so incredibly grateful that during this past year...”

(Okay, write! In first person, about the accomplishments and growth you experienced in this ideal year.)

Have a sketch of a vision? Please gift yourself the few moments to actually write it out. You give so much time to work and to others. This is an opportunity to to allow yourself to know what you really want.

I believe that creating a vision is an act of bravery.

Most people default to not knowing what they really want. There are plenty of reasons for this, but the biggest one I see is that it helps avoid disappointment. Though it's often unconscious, avoiding disappointment is an understandable motivation. Especially if you don't know that your visions are so much easier to actualize than you think. That's part of why I adore coaching. It's effortless to see that with some support and polishing, my clients can have what they want. They create a vision, take the action, and then get to celebrate how much more traction they're enjoying.

Once you have a vision on paper, ask yourself 5 questions:

1. What’s my level of confidence and commitment on a scale of 1-10 that I’ll realize this vision?

2. In order to make that number just 1 notch higher up the scale, what would I need to believe?

3. Which behaviors, tendencies, or beliefs am I willing to let go of in order to allow for this?

4. How will releasing each of those things serve me and my vision, specifically?

5. In order to keep the momentum going throughout the year, what could I do to create a reminder, process, or symbol of my intention and commitment?

Did you find some beliefs or habits that are duds? Desires you didn't realize you had? I think you just created some opportunities, and I'd love to hear about them if you want to schedule a free chat. Thanks for exploring with me. I think that there can be a whole lot of good in 2019 for you.

In your corner,


Emma Garrett is an Executive Coach, helping high-integrity leaders position themselves for what’s next in work and life. If you're ready for your next chapter, consider scheduling a free call to share your situation and goals.

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