Act as though you belong in that shark's territory

You can limit your career/your joy by taking other people too seriously.

If, on some level, you think someone is better than you, you’re likely reducing your value in their eyes. ⬇️

This isn’t necessarily conscious, it’s just basic animal stuff.

Our brains are wired to identify low and high-power behaviors so that we can understand where we fall and ultimately keep ourselves safe.

High-power doesn’t mean aggressive or douchey. It can be a really calm, gracious/generous


sort of vibe.

It radiates comfort and belonging.

Interviews/presentations/whatever are often intimidating because you’re often literally going into someone else’s “house” (territory).

So, *felt* security/confidence is like bringing your own house wherever you go.

This is why I love following shark divers like @juansharks

On the one level, a free diver could be such silly little (disgusting-sharks aren’t trying to eat people) snack for a white or tiger shark, but they keep themselves safe by acting as if they belong in that shark’s territory.

So the sharks see them as a fellow predator (a peer) and are comfortable with them being there (invite them into their network).

I’m concerned I may really go off the deep end with shark analogies but 💁🏼‍♀️🦈❤️


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