4 Words That Could Make You a *Lot* More Money

The concepts from these two videos could help you make a lot more money.

I know, because I see it work all the time.

I teach these things to best friends over cocktails, to recent grads, and to CEOs.

And making more money is a good thing. You’re not a mob boss, you’re a high-integrity person.

When people like you know how to negotiate, they also teach other good people, too, both explicitly and through their example. I love that.

Concept 1:

First, the verbal offer. I’m about having an energy-first approach, so this video reflects that. If it feels too feminine for your style, substitute the flowers for some labor of love your best friend’s nona cooked up for you.

The concept is to honor them in how you receive the verbal offer. It’s loving, and it also builds more rapport, which helps you to negotiate more later.

A Verbal Offer = A Rose Ceremony

Concept 2:

The actual negotiation. Kenny G brings 4 words that can help you make more money/have a better title/whatever.

“What would it take (to insert what you want)?”

*Or* that you can use for your own decision-making process to help you find out that you don’t actually want to touch a certain opportunity with a 10-foot pole.

“What would it take to be a heck yes about (insert thing you’re considering)?”

4 Words for Better Negotiation and Discernment

There’s certainly more to this that I can’t put into an email. I work 1:1 with my clients to create the specific strategy and messaging they need for their negotiation situation.

If you think about compound interest, better negotiation in the job market or better pricing models for you entrepreneurs can result in millions more in lifetime earnings. That’s part of why I think my coaching programs are a great deal.

If you would like to explore working with me, you can set up a free strategy call on my site.

Thanks for reading.

I’m in your corner,


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