4 Ways to Improve Your Networking

“If it’s fun, it doesn’t count as networking.”

I like to say that to my clients. As a joke. When networking feels like work to you, other people can feel that. And then networking is less effective.

I remember a day back when I used to meet people indoors where I had two meetings back to back with two women who were in the same niche industry.

In the first one, the woman seemed to be doing something she “should” do by meeting with me.

At least, that’s what it felt like. I was disappointed because I was actually hoping to meet a new friend. I was happy to have our meeting end.

Soon afterward, another stranger joined me, settled herself in, and when I invited her to some of the truffle fries I had ordered, she happily dug in.

Just like a friend would.

(If you think this doesn’t apply to the people you would like to meet with, I encourage you to question that. Sometimes, I find it’s the CEOs of the world who most want someone to dig into some metaphorical truffle fries with them.)

So in the networking meeting with my new friend, I watched myself enthusiastically recommend she reach out to one of my contacts who is a leader in the space.

The idea to make that introduction for the first person didn’t even occur to me. The second person inspired the idea.

Great networking skills inspire others to do things for you, whether those things look like introductions, support, or ideas.

And you know that networking is how most people land jobs or get their businesses off the ground.

I want you to have a happy relationship with networking. I accidentally did a training on networking as love. Maybe it can help. I don’t believe in networking skills in the traditional sense.

This is the recording of what I think love’s advice on networking is.

  • How to be more effective in your networking communication 8:49

  • A networking tip you’ve likely never heard if we don’t work together 11:11

  • How to reframe networking activities-a love overview 12:22

  • How to provide more value in networking 15:09

I appreciate you reading. If you’re ready to create a new relationship with your work...I hope you’ll set up a free strategy call with me.

Thanks, I’m in your corner.


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