Career Reflection & New Year Visioning

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

It's not just that successful people are happy. According to the 53-page research review created by Lyubomirsky, King, and Diener, positive affect causes success. So, as we review this past year and design the next year, let's be mindful of creating goals, intentions, or resolutions that cultivate well-being in coming year. Besides, it's good for business.


What am I proud of having accomplished this year?

In what ways have I become more excellent, or improved my mastery?

Something I wish I had done differently or had mastered is:

What has become obvious to me this year?

What haven’t I given myself enough credit for?


What are my broad goals for next year; what do I want this next year to be about?

If I were braver, I would:

I am willing to commit to:

Things that might stand in my way include:

What can I do or not do to set myself up for success with the things I’m committing to?

If I were really being my best self, I would:

Career Life Script for the Coming Year: Write, in the first person, about an ideal day or week in your professional life, as though you are living it now (Ex: I bike to the office/I enjoy leading with radical candor/I got the green light to pilot a flexible work options program). Bonus: Visualize it happening as though watching a movie with yourself doing everything in your script. Researchers Kaufman and Libby found that third person visualization increases the likelihood of future action.

After doing all these exercises, what is my gut telling me to pay attention to?

My next step and when I will act on it:

And, because gratitude cultivates well-being and the strongest predictor of happiness is the quality of our social relationships: Whom can I thank today?

Hoping your new year is what you have envisioned today, or even better.

Emma Garrett