The KonMari Method™ helps people clarify and live their ideal lifestyle. 

When I found Emma, I thought I was organized and pretty good at maintaining a clean house. But, I was constantly walking into my home at the end of the day to stress, stuff, and a never-ending to-do list. I had no idea that having Emma help me through the Kon Mari process would not only make my home more spacious and delightful, but would also radically change the way I approached my space, my purchases, and my life choices in general. I remember sitting with Emma in our first session and dreaming of a kitchen that called me to cook, of drawers that delighted me when I opened them, and my bedroom floor free dirty clothes. I'll admit that at the time, I didn't actually believe that I was actually going to get to that state. But, thanks to Emma, I did.


Emma was able to gently, intuitively, and consistently help me through the process. And, I believe it was her encouragement and ability to hold me accountable that allowed me to make such significant changes. Since discarding my last item that "didn't spark joy" I have noticed many things. First, my home is no longer a constant reminder of everything I have to do that isn't done. Rather, it is a place that reminds me of all the things in my life - my belongings, my hobbies, my relationships - that I enjoy. I am grateful much more often. Second, I find that it is suddenly second nature to keep things tidy. I don't actively try to put my clothes away (instead of on the floor) anymore. Rather, my closet is so inviting that I put things away without thinking twice about it. And lastly, it helped me really practice the act of choosing things based on what will enrich my life. I am now much less likely to buy a shirt only to realize several days later that is doesn't add to my wardrobe. I'm more likely to be honest with friends when I want to head home and relax instead of socialize. I am more in touch with what gives me joy and what does not - and that trickles into all parts of my life.


This process has been so amazing for me that I will talk anyone's ear off about it. So, if you have any questions around the value of the program or what to expect working with Emma, please feel free to reach out to me. -L., Colorado

The KonMari Method™ 


My clients are focused, high-achievers who lead at work and are essential within their communities. Their default setting is "Action!" They're effective in all that they do. Their commitments require that they spend their time intentionally, but they want to spend it better. They intuitively know that they can be successful and productive while enjoying more leisure, calm, and play.


As a result of the process, people enjoy easy clarity. They quickly know the right choices for themselves across all categories; from love and work to what they eat and spend money on, to how they spend their free time.


Way beyond organizing, the KonMari Method™ begins with creating an ideal lifestyle vision, moves into conducting an inventory or everything in one's life. All alongside an executive coach. The result? A home you love to be in and share and new levels of clarity and joy. This translates to  stronger relationships, healthier bodies, better work, and more delicious free time.


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