Career Coaching Feedback

"I rocked my interview this morning. I swear, you got me where I needed to be. I knew when I first called you that I wasn't polished, that I didn't have the verbiage, the lingo. Now I'm just... I'm just myself, and it's awesome to go into an interview and not be nervous at's awesome."

“I'm so impressed with your ideas, I knew you were good, but I was wrong.  You're awesome!

Thank you for helping me see all that I missed.  I plan on incorporating every idea you presented.”

 "I want to replicate you and give you to everyone."

"...fabulous in all aspects.”

"Emma was a Godsend. Words can’t describe how much she means to me and how much she assisted me!!"

“Unexpectedly, overwhelmingly helpful…”

“She is positive, cheerful, motivating, very educated in the job search process and provided great guidance and was always there for me when I needed her. She is a true gem.”

"Could not have had a better coach than Emma."

“Emma was awesome!! She really helped me out with targeted advice and suggestions on where to spend my time and how to best utilize my strengths during the job search. When things weren't going well she gave me confidence when it was lacking, and encouragements when things started to look up but weren't "great opportunities". Her overall personality and her genuine dedication to helping me really made our meetings productive and enjoyable.

" You're like my fairy job mother/ (sister?) :) Gosh I so appreciate all the support just this week alone!"

“Thanks so much for all your help and support. It truly helped me feel better prepared. This is really the first time in my life I have "job hunted,” and the experience has been devastating, terrifying and humbling but also exhilarating, inspirational and perhaps the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

“Your advice is so much appreciated and has really brought me

a greater sense of peace and calmness as I navigate this process.”

“Emma went above and beyond to ensure she knew what

my needs actually were before offering any major advice. I appreciated that a lot.”

“You have been incredible.  Every call we had made me feel much more positive and better about myself and my skills. You made a real difference.”

“Thanks a million for what you do. You are super awesome.”

“I love you! You are the best!!”

"This [the process of engaging in coaching questions]

is bring out the good in me and that’s awesome."

“She made me feel empowered. It was like talking to

a knowledgeable friend.”

"I so appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

You always offer such sound advice and have a way of

calming my anxious moments.  

You repeatedly say just what I need to hear!”

“Emma is very professional and friendly. She is

very resourceful. She is sensitive and knowledgeable to different cultures.”

“I'm so grateful for your help and guidance during this process. It was a complete

unknown adventure and you really helped me to stay calm...

especially when my health was unreliable. I'm am elated about my new job and can't wait to start.”

Résumés, Cover Letters, LinkedIn + All Manner of Job Search Communication

“First, let me start off by saying you are AWESOME!! I love the new resume. Thank You.”

“LI [LinkedIn] is updated. I love what you proposed and used it almost word for word.”


“I had an hour long Skype interview today with the president of a company looking for a CFO.  That one, I got with my new resume format. :)”


“You are very wonderful and amazing. The good news is; I have 2 interviews next week.  I really appreciate your help with my resume and everything in general. You are magnificent.”


“Wow ... how do you do it Emma? You are very good at picking the right words and having the ability to convey with emotion.”


“Seriously, thanks Emma for your opinion. I love the suggestion you have for an email.”


“Love the resume. Thanks for everything.”


“Wow. That is a beautiful revision, thank you. I made the changes you recommended and I am very excited about it.”

" I can’t express enough with the got me hooked. It’s like you turned me on to this drug. I came a long way-I made a lot of great progress.”


“You are awesome! I'm so excited to say these (introductions and interview responses)! They surpass anything I've thought about sharing!!!”

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