Rather than dreading work and not being the kind of person you want to be for yourself, your family or your community...

Rather than missing opportunities because you don't know how to sell yourself with integrity and authenticity...


Rather than letting the agendas of others determine your course...


Think about how hard you've worked so far in your life. Imagine what would happen if you put a quarter of that effort into strategically focusing that work ethic, integrity, and talent onto a clear, inspiring vision...and then going after it.


Based on what I see in my clients, getting what you want is more doable than you think. It does require doing things differently. I can help.


About Emma

Emma Garrett is an executive career coach who helps high-integrity leaders who struggle with figuring out what exactly to do next, and how to sell themselves for it.


What makes her different from other executive career coaches is:

  1. coaching C-level leaders within the Fortune 100

  2. a CPRW resume writing certification

  3. an educational background in applied social psychology

Because of this, her clients get:

  1. a level of coaching and market insight that most people never have access to

  2. branding and messaging content that opens doors

  3. research-backed strategies on productivity, communication, and effectiveness

She conducts in-person workshops and has also presented to remote global audiences of up to 14,000 on topics ranging from Ideal Career Design, Life Purpose, and Personal Mission to LinkedIn, Resume Writing, Job Search Strategy, and Tapping the Unpublished Job Market.

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