"These sessions really helped me to know what I need to be doing right now in order to accomplish my big dreams and goals. I enjoyed the process immensely." 


"I really enjoyed discovering more about myself on a deeper level. I was excited to be at each session with the expectation of what might come to me...I enjoyed the spontaneity." 


"Emma, you are the reason I am living my dreams."





I partner with people for their transformation.


I team up with high-integrity executives whose humility, selflessness, or work ethic can get in the way of positioning themselves for what's next. I focus on director to c-level leaders who would like to align their work not just with their values and ambition, but with their hopes for themselves and their families.

I'm lucky to have coached thousands of people from 25+ countries in English, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese and to have lived/worked in 10 countries. What makes my style different from other executive career coaches is that when we work together:

1. Everything we do is led by your vision. 
Because of this, every strategy we craft and every reply we message feels right. We never start with the task at hand. We start by clarifying what you want so that the task then serves that. Visioning, reverse-engineering...choose the vernacular that suits you.


2. I'm a certified resume writer and a shameless maximizer.
Because of this, you get an ally who finds and highlights strengths you didn't even know you had, hands you the language to talk about it, and is available on-deck to polish anything you send or say.


3. I cannot help but partner with my clients.
Because of this, you get a personal strategist and superfan whom you know is genuinely thrilled to hop on a call to celebrate a win, craft a counter, or respond to the outrageous thing that recruiter just said.


Whether through career coaching or the Konmari Method™, I'd love to help you take the risk of clarifying your ideal career or lifestyle and then support you in actualizing it.

Game to see how good things can get?


  • Executive & Leadership Career Coaching

  • In-Home or Remote Home & Office Organizing

  • Personal Branding through Speaking, Writing, Résumés, Cover letters, & LinkedIn


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